Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bollywood Fashion Sarees

Bollywood is a platform where fashion takes several turns and twists. When it comes to dressing in elegance and grace, sarees are considered to be the best outfit. It has the power to make a woman look sultry, sensuous and stylish. Sarees is a piece of fabric that is draped around waist from toe to the shoulder as pallu. In draping, there are various kinds of styles that can be adopted to look different each time wearing this magnificent masterpiece. Well, Bollywood sarees are one such example whose method of tying has made them exclusive. In fact, it is their trends that are copied by the general public.

Adding grace to the Bollywood sarees is the kind of work carved on them. Borders, bootees, patch work and embroidery in check style are some of the designs that enhance the look of the entire work of genius. In designing such sarees, the fashion designers work hard to give something different to every actress, keeping in mind their complexion and body tone. These days, the trend is such that entire saree is dyed in one color and the border is given in contrast and that too of velvet fabric on which the designs are carved out.

Bollywood actresses are well known for making style statements with the kind of saree they wear. And the style of blouse makes them look even more graceful. Halter neck, backless, choli cut and bustier are few of the designs of blouses of Bollywood sarees worn by actresses. The designers keep on experimenting with these blouses also. For example, they would put moti on straps of the blouse or fancy lace is stitched over the straps. Apart from this, another example showcases thread work border carved on the borders of blouse and arms. All these stylish blouses are enough to speak about the magnificence associated with the Bollywood sarees.

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